Wool, but why?

cream wool

Residential carpets produced from wool yarns have been traditionally thought of as superior products. At one time wool was an expensive option, but, with competitors driving down product costs in some areas of the market, wool carpets have become more accessible to the general consumer. No longer necessarily a status symbol there are many other reasons for choosing this fibre for your project:

  • SUSTAINABILITY Wool is sustainable. It is a natural fibre with a renewable source as fibre is taken from a free range animal as part of their care and maintenance.
  • SAVINGS Effective at naturally insulating your home
  • SAFETY Inherent flame retardant properties make wool a safer carpet for residential spaces.
  • STAIN RESISTANCE Cleanable with a stain resistance qualities.
  • STRUCTURE Wool is a breathable fibre which filters the air and regulates humidity by natures design.
  • SUPPORT Carpets sold with the British Wool stamp of approval will have been sourced from a British supplier so supporting our national farmers and economy.

Wool provides beautiful texture within the home interiors in an array of neutral tones and often a selection of bold colours. There is no doubting the practicality of hard flooring but this can never provide the comfort and warmth of a carpet.

Wool carpets are not only available in cut pile finishes but also different styles of Berber loops which give an additional textural interest within the soft furnishing aspects of your interior. Not only does a wool carpet provide durable comfort and texture but it is a renewable and sustainable source of yarn making it an environmentally friendly choice.




Enquire about our wool ranges today:

Marlings Twist 30oz 40 oz and 50 oz and Marlings Berber

Tel: 01453 821800                   Email: sales@marlings.co.uk


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