Stair Treads and Building Regs

The building regulations which apply to flooring and specifically stair treads can appear to contain a lot of complicated jargon, but do not be put off as outlined below are the two main guidelines which affect product selection. These guidelines are important as the owner of a building is legally obliged to provide appropriate access to its facilities and details are provided in an approved document called Document M which is based on BS8300:2001.

The first guidance is concerned with contrasting colours of the floor and stair edges, an LRV or light reflective value can be used to pair flooring with a stair nosing insert colour so that the flooring correctly adheres to DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) building regulations.

An LRV is used to highlight a contrast between the flooring and the nosing which indicates a level change and minimises risk of a visually impaired person tripping or losing their balance which would be likely if the flooring were to change without warning. Incorporating this guideline into your project breaks down any potential barriers in the workplace for a person with a visual disability.

  • The insert colour LRV should rate 30 points or more difference with the flooring LRV. With more than 30 insert colours to choose from all types of flooring LRVs can be matched contact us for an insert colour chart.


For example:

 Burbury Zinc carpet tiles LRV 5.4 would pair well and provide great contrast with Citrene insert LRV 63.00 as shown in picture above.

The other important factor to consider are the dimensions of the stair tread:

  • The stair nosing carrier must also be 55mm on the tread and 55mm on the riser.

Treads Stair Nosings have several carriers which meet this requirement see below for a small selection of our DDA range:

DDA nosings

If you require any more information regarding DDA compliance or if you would like to request sampling please contact us on:

01453 821800



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